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Les bons et les méchants

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Re:This is unfortunately predictable (Score:5, Insightful) by Bogtha (906264) Alter Relationship on 22:32 17 December 2005 (#14281348)

Why do people not learn from history?

Because they think of themselves as the "good guys", and the history they are taught (by school, Hollywood, the media, etc) portrays bad things being done by "bad guys". In reality, there is no good and bad, just a mixture of greys.

How often is it that a movie about Nazi Germany includes the democracy that Germany had beforehand? How often do you hear about how Osama bin Laden called for jihad against Iraq for invading Kuwait? How often do you hear about how Saddam Hussein reformed Iraq into a secular state instead of a theocracy, or how he increased equality and women's rights?

As long as people are taught that some countries are good and some countries are evil, so long as their enemies are demonised, the majority of people will continue to think of themselves as the "good guys", and therefore immune to committing atrocities and war crimes.

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comme quoi, comme dirait Ben Kenobi, tout dépend de notre point de vue sur les choses... :vador:
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