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Revenge of the Sith

le film a été libéré sur les P2P, lu sur slashdot :

Tinfoil hat time! Did the MPAA leak it purposely? (Score:5, Insightful) by GuyMannDude (574364) on Saturday May 21, @06:22PM (#12601249)

It's interesting to note that the copy making rounds on the p2p networks is a workprint and not a cam-copy, suggesting an inside job. Given that everyone knew how high-profile ROTS was going to be, it doesn't seem too improbable that the MPAA purposely leaked the print just so they could make a big deal about it. I mean, ROTS is pretty much review-proof and p2p-proof; anyone who was interested in the film was going to the theater to see it anyhow. So there really wouldn't be a big loss by leaking this copy and it gives them a perfect opportunity to bang on the drum again. If ever they were going to leak a blockbuster, ROTS would be the one to do it for.


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